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It was decent. The writing could have used more work, but it had a couple alright jokes. It didn't need the Awesome name. It didn't have the "what if egoraptor" feel. It could have been a stand alone animation. There's a handful of "awesome" animations that didn't need to tack on the "awesome" name.

I assumed there'd be some sort of fuck-you-badly-written-pun type of joke at the end, and I was pleasantly surprised! Great animation, fantastic audio. Well done. Lovely. Just lovely.

These are super original, really creepy in a cool way, not a *sigh*, this again-Tim Burton, sort of way. I don't even understand how you create the images for your characters. A lot of intense photoshopping of actual photographs, maybe? Awesome job. I may not follow so well, but that might have been your aim, but it is clearly a well made creation.

Very funny, great animation, and an overall enjoyable submission. And holy crap that ending song is really badass. Definitely downloading that.

This is like high class, new age, but classic newgrounds if that makes any sense. Nice grimey animation, but also very attractive in a way. Of course some gore and cock jokes at other's expense, and the nice voice acting and perfect audio quality topped it all off. A nice Newgrounds sub.

Yeah... I don't really like his vids either. He's pretty much a really bad version of the soup or tosh.0. At least Tosh is a talented comedian. Ray doesn't put anything entertaining into it besides the actual videos he's featuring (maybe).

haha very funny. I loved how mega's face just stayed plain while he was doing his victory dance. As usual I enjoyed your animation. My only problem was the voice acting was not that great of quality. You should make use of Newgrounds' great voice actors. They have nice mics and great sound quality and there are a lot of talented actors out there. I'm always available if you ever want, and I know of some great people that I could point you towards. Good luck on your next project!

You know another way to be funny and get front paged on newgrounds? Just attack other users' animations and use a voice actor to make it sound like a joke instructional video. Was it necessary to specifically name a user whose submissions you don't enjoy? ...No. Not at all.

MistyEntertainment responds:

Was it necessary to specifically name a user whose submissions you don't enjoy? ...No. Not at all.

Good stuff!

That last one was just perfect! It had great timing, audio and effects and awesome cartoon humor. The whole collab was pretty well done, but that last long one really made me lol. I also really loved the intro with all the pans and stuff. Great use of smoke and fire elements. You guys did a lot with sprites, which I know can be limiting. Funny stuff.

haha Great!

I really liked this. Hilarious, great art, fairly nice animation, and great audio! It was just a great, short one-joke sketch that I loled at. My only qualm was the ending wasn't very big. Just grabbed his hat then rustled into the leaves. I wanted there to be a huge explosion with a mushroom cloud when the bear landed :p

Great stuff!

Great typography!!

Awesome job, did you use flash or after effects? I really liked it. Especially, when he said look at it and it turned into eyes, very clever stuff, great perspectives.

D-Mac was a wonderful choice. I used him for my last film (posted on my userpage /plug lol) and he's just awesome. He made this so much more fun. His yells, emotion, and wonderful ability to pronounce misspelled words was sooo fun.

BEACUASE. That's why I like it. BEACUASE.

Interested in using me as a voice actor? Email me at coreyhollandcomedy@gmail.com. Check my favorites list for stuff I've voiced in (obviously not all of them :p)

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