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I can't even keep reading reviews, they'll just make me mad. I think this was a bold submission. Innovative, original, a real point to be made, and wonderful imagery. You used metaphoric images, a great tone set by the music and colors, and you learned to connect to the "character," (you) quite quickly. I loved the style, and it helped me better understand your struggle. I liked the choiceless "gameplay" because that's how you lived it. You had to follow others' rules set by your body and by doctors and by what people were telling you what you are in their opinion, something that is still being told to you in these damn reviews.

It was brave, and shows your confidence and your triumph. This isn't the only game you don't get choices. At some points it had Warioware aspects, and I'm reminded of the Scarecrow Sequence in Arkham Asylum, and when the Joker rises his gun to you and you're told to press a button to dodge yet that button doesn't exist on your controller. It gives annoys and freaks you out for a moment until you realize the point. The whole time I "played" this and followed along, I could not wait to move on to see what happened and if this would be a happy ending. /rant. Great job. I think this was a new, great step for you. Congratulations! :D I hope you're much happier now.

Very fun game. Wish it was on my phone :) Just got finished playing every level and I only have 3s on most and a few 2s :D Very enjoyable, and I look forward to working with you on your next game!

Argentin responds:

Bounzy 2 will be available for the iPhone


I liked the animation, design and concept, but the controls really took me out of it. Swiping the mouse as a punch and running past them was very clunky and awkward. Also, I wasn't sure why kicking used so much stamina while punching was more infinite. I would suggest adding a few items, maybe some melee weapons, and making punches and kicks a little more readily available and more easily executed. This would allow you to make the enemies more violent and dangerous than stumbling over and loosing limbs.

Decent game, but it didn't hold its own in my opinion. Nice job, good luck on your next project.

it was alright

the sound effects were alright, the look of the game seemed pretty clean, but the actual point of the game has been done to death. Pong the ball around and keep it from going out. The enormous blue combo words that popped up were extremely distracting and most of the time caused me to lose the ball. Well made, poorly planned and thought, but it came out working so good job. It just needs some work.

awesome game

Everything was great. The game was fun, the look was very professional and great audio. Very well put together game.

I liked it. I won too! Almost beat me, but in the last roll I won.

ha cool

I very fun game. It glitched a little and it said something about one of the scripts causing flash to slow down so he had to abort or something... idk, maybe it was my computer, but that's ok.

It was fun. Eating things and changing was very cool in a kirby sort of way. I liked it. Wish the time limit was a little longer.

How did you get MindChamber to do that art for you? That's awesome! Great job and congrats on front page.

I-smel responds:

Newgrounds bought my game, so I guess they decided to make it look better n shit.

it was ok

not bad, I guess - a lot of people, me included, got Salad Fingers, but the description seemed so far off lol. Comical, class clown, enjoyable person and all that - and I'm a loner who doesn't speak much and keeps to himself? haha.

It could use more questions, but I'm sure this sort of thing is a tad difficult to think through. Nice job.

really fun!

fun, challenging, but not ridiculously hard. I got to 25 before I decided to stop. I really liked it. Awesome job - maybe some background music next time, but it was great. 10 stars, man.

very cool!!

very interesting game! Is there a save game? I'd love to go back to where I left off. It was very fun, and fun to think about it. Cool art, sweet animation, very fun game. Awesome job, I loved it - everything was great from the character to the music. Good stuff!

very neat

cool game, pretty music, well executed. My only beef was that it was very simple and the songs were very slow. it would be cool to incorporate a much quicker paced and interesting piano to it. Maybe even using songs from the audio portal much like Super Crazy Guitar Maniac does. I really enjoy rhythm games that are non stop and really high energy.

Great job, I enjoyed it. Though when it transitioned into the next song it took a very long time, and maybe a song select would be nice if you ever made another one so we don't have to play the same songs to get to the next one.

Interested in using me as a voice actor? Email me at coreyhollandcomedy@gmail.com. Check my favorites list for stuff I've voiced in (obviously not all of them :p)

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