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This has some serious badassery. And such differing parts. I totally want to use parts of this song in one of my action comedy films. It has such uplifting moments and moments where a character is overcoming something. Would be great in a fight scene or an intro.

Dude, love it!

Hey man! A few months back I used Bring the Pain in my film, Better Break Up With Bridgette and you mentioned you'd be interested in scoring some music for a film of mine. I was checking out some of your latest, and I love it all! This is really sweet. We have a new film in the works now, so I might be calling on you! You've got real talent, brother!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks very much for the compliments.
Whatever you need. I'm happy to help out!

:D :D

I love all of you music, Shoe! You are the best! Your voice is so calming and just awesome. I love the simple guitar too - it was very uplifting and lovely, and I want to drive across the country listening to this song :) As I listened to the chorus, right before you got to "hello, sanctity," I was thinking how great it would sound if you went real low on that part, and sure as hell... You did. Great job! Love it!

Bad. Ass.

An awesome entrance. It is so perfect. Everything comes in at the exact time I need it to. I love it. Amazing job, this is really awesome. A wonderful introductory into the new year.

Michael425 responds:

haha yes it is a good intro song. I hope all of my new songs can be this good.

thanks for the review.

sweet! haha

It's really badass but also cute. I'm imaging an grand slow-mo entrance by some really kickass, but tiny and cute characters. Like a bamf, hip-hop entrance by the Castle Crashers crew or something haha. I love this. Awesome job. I can't stop nodding.

C-Enterprise responds:

Dwarfs Homies, Shotguns and (Snow) White Bitches in tha Wood's Hood!!
Ahahah sorry lol
Thanks for the review man =D

I really enjoyed this

this was very cool, a badass intro with awesome constant music in it. Everything lasted for just long enough before it got even better. You know your craft, dude. I'd love to use this in one of my movies some time

Envy responds:

Please do! I'd love the exposure!

ha! hilarious!

people are saying you changed more than just the pitch, which I believe. I think this sounds hilarious. Sweet

omg wow

Josh why have I never heard this? This was hilarious. Wow...I loved it...hahaha so funny.

Nice job

Nice one. Not bad mixing. I'd recommend using some background music and sound effects if you do another one. Also, you need to speak more from your chest and open up so you can enunciate and get a clearer, more powerful voice, especially for a narrator.

Thanks for using me and props to Aeonstars for the great series.

WolfBlitz2 responds:

thanks man
you're tips are always a helpful person
i think it will be a long while before i do another one :P
open from the chest? how do i do that?
my most problem was finding the right tone of voice for the narrator
I was about the tone of how the narator was in DBZ but was hard to do then i thought about how tomamoto was doing a narrator in avatar dub 5
i just need to improve ALOT :D


Loved the movie, love the song. That kazoo is incredible. Did you play all that and record yourself doing so? Awesome job.

You've got a banjo?

SWiTCH responds:

Sure did, and sure do.

Thanks a lot!

Interested in using me as a voice actor? Email me at coreyhollandcomedy@gmail.com. Check my favorites list for stuff I've voiced in (obviously not all of them :p)

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