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Interested in using me as a voice actor? Email me at coreyhollandcomedy@gmail.com. Check my favorites list for stuff I've voiced in (obviously not all of them :p)

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MysticShinHanKu's News

Posted by MysticShinHanKu - December 3rd, 2008

One of my first few times doing stand up. I killed! Sorry if you don't connect with every joke - it was aimed at my college campus, but hopefully you can share a lot of the laughs :)

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"Everything is funny in one way or another," said Holland, "I try to find laughs in almost everything I do...I wouldn't have any material at all if it weren't for my experiences." If you know Holland, you have seen him be completely off the wall like Robin Williams, one of his inspirations.

Posted by MysticShinHanKu - November 5th, 2008

Check out the original fanfic script!

My radioplay has been cast! Thanks to everyone! It's an awesome cast! I can't wait to get started!

Cast List

Young Glass: shoester
Gohan: Shard-Spider
Goku: TheChio
Narrator: Mystic
Jen: francinelouise
Broly: Shard-Spider
Paragus: Mystic
Raditz: Dice

Calling VOICE ACTORS! Dragonball GOLD: Son of Broly Auditions (Ep 1&2)

Posted by MysticShinHanKu - March 24th, 2008

Great news! My Summer Voice Demo is now available in the audio portal! Thanks for the great feedback! I hope to make a new demo with my Samson CO1UK soon enough, we'll see.

I haven't made a newgrounds post for a while...just the one. I thought I'd post up my DBZ reels :)

I'm a huge DBZ fan so check out my DBZ boredom clip! I voiced a bunch of Z characters, and a couple DB characters. They may not be perfect as I did them all quickly, but I had a great time. Props for people who can guess them all!

Mystic's DBZ Voice Reel!

Also, have a listen to a great skit written by francinelouise! She voiced Frieza, and I voiced Vegeta and did the mix. I think it's great, and would love to have it animated sometime! Hope you guys enjoy my DBZ filled post! :D Tell me what you think!

Frieza Loves Vegeta


Posted by MysticShinHanKu - July 27th, 2007

Since I'm really getting into voice acting and I've joined the VAC, I've really started to get some great parts that I'm proud of. I have finally created my voice acting demo. I hope everyone likes it, let me know what you think, and go ahead and drop me a PM if you want some voice acting assistance with a flash you are creating. If you use me, all I ask for is to have my name credited as -

"Corey Holland (MysticShinHanKu)"

Click here and enjoy my demo!