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New video! My first game review(ish) where I put Skyward Sword up against one of my old favorites, Ocarina of Time!

Newish stand up that I did to win the comedy competition at my school, November of 2009. Took me a while to subtitle it and put it online, sorry. Hope you think it's funny. Lemme know.


2011-05-06 10:36:03 by MysticShinHanKu

Check out our new short we made to showcase the video capabilities of my new camera, the Nikon D3100! Not exactly a sketch, more of a music video. Take a look!

Here's my newest action comedy, Better Break Up With Bridgette, featuring the amazing voice talent of D-Mac Double, and music by several Newgrounds artists!

Let me know what you guys think, and show your friends!

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In my previous post I told you guys about my stand up, and you should definitely still check that out!

For my screenplay class, we had to film a sequence, so I went with an over-the-top, funny action sequence.

Check out my new film sequence, Target!

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High School Hump!

2009-11-23 23:11:20 by MysticShinHanKu

I entered the student comedy competition at my school and won! Because I won, I got to open for Jason Weems and Jamie Kennedy, and that performance is in this video.

Let me know what you guys think!

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New Video: The Fret!

2009-08-03 03:10:59 by MysticShinHanKu

Hello there Newgrounders! Brand new video up. We made this for the FND Film Fest 2009

Fronk 'n Dego are users on newgrounds as well. If you haven't seen any of their videos, definitely check them out!

So here's our submission - I put the rules in our info - Let me know what you think, and expect more videos! Please subscribe and tell me what you liked or disliked about it.

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WACmen! And some love for the community.

2009-05-19 02:04:32 by MysticShinHanKu

Hey there, Newgrounders. First of all, I want to thank you all for voting and helping me out. You were a huge help, and proof of newgrounds' supportive community. Unfortunately, just a few hours before voting, I received a few hundred downvotes, from competitors I'm sure, and that knocked me from being tied for 1st place, down to 3rd. I still appreciate all of your votes!

We had the 24 Hour Video Challenge a few weeks ago, where we have only 1 day to come up with our idea, shoot it, and edit it. We were up until 5 am filming, then I did the voice over until 5:30am, got up at 8:30am and edited until 4:30pm, when it was due. Our hard work paid off and we won for the 3rd year in a row :D Luckily, this competition was judged by actual videographers and professionals, not left in the hands of youtubers. T_T

Take a look, and tell me what you think, and please keep in mind we made all of this in ONE day. :p Thanks! Hope you guys like the Watchmen references. Sorry about youtube's quality.

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I need help!! I'm entering a huge video competition and the grand prize is $8000 worth of equipment! Winning this will give me the ability to do freelance video work, something I'd love to do, and I'd even be able to get started setting up a home studio. I can finally start making all the animations I have written and planned as well! It's a chance of a lifetime! I need your help!

PLEASE Sign into youtube, watch my video, and give it a 5 star rating right underneath the video. That's all I need! All the ratings will help me win! Thank you so much! I'm in close second - and if you look at what I'm up against I hope you feel inspired to help me! It's all a big popularity contest because of how they did it, so I need the support of newgrounds to win! Thank you all - you are the best!

Click here and VOTE!

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