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High School Hump!

Posted by MysticShinHanKu - November 23rd, 2009

I entered the student comedy competition at my school and won! Because I won, I got to open for Jason Weems and Jamie Kennedy, and that performance is in this video.

Let me know what you guys think!

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Comments (2)

u got some skills man! i always envy people who can do stand up....nerve racking! haha

Nerve racking you say? Ha, you should see me right before I go on lol. Being up there actually calms me down. Ironic, yet ridiculous. I have "off-stage" fright.

Really funny and original. Did you go to a comedy school or something? I'm thinking of doing comedy on the side. Got any tips?

Nah, I just got into it during college. People asked me to, and I gave it a try, and it worked out pretty well. I won the comedy competition at my school last week then got to open for Jason Weems and Jamie Kennedy. That's the video above. That was only my 2nd and 3rd times in front of a larger audience.

I recommend taking theater and improv classes. A LOT of them. Read about as much as you can, watch as many comedians as you can, and take risks. Write your jokes out, and know where you want the audience to laugh. Your confidence and certainty about your own jokes is going to encourage them to laugh. Other than that, just experiment, have a good time, and good luck!

Speaking of comedy school, I'm considering going to Second City once I graduate college in May. Second City is called the "Ivy leagues of Comedy." It's where a lot of great comedians and SNL cast members started. Lots of improv, theater, stand up, sketch, writing classes. That sort of thing.