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WACmen! And some love for the community.

Posted by MysticShinHanKu - May 19th, 2009

Hey there, Newgrounders. First of all, I want to thank you all for voting and helping me out. You were a huge help, and proof of newgrounds' supportive community. Unfortunately, just a few hours before voting, I received a few hundred downvotes, from competitors I'm sure, and that knocked me from being tied for 1st place, down to 3rd. I still appreciate all of your votes!

We had the 24 Hour Video Challenge a few weeks ago, where we have only 1 day to come up with our idea, shoot it, and edit it. We were up until 5 am filming, then I did the voice over until 5:30am, got up at 8:30am and edited until 4:30pm, when it was due. Our hard work paid off and we won for the 3rd year in a row :D Luckily, this competition was judged by actual videographers and professionals, not left in the hands of youtubers. T_T

Take a look, and tell me what you think, and please keep in mind we made all of this in ONE day. :p Thanks! Hope you guys like the Watchmen references. Sorry about youtube's quality.

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Comments (6)

Funny :)

Hilarious, Corey. I didn't know you were in cinema. So am I. I sould send you my short film. Loved the watchmen references, you guys got a lot of footage in one night. The ink blot test bit was my favourite.

Very nice. You're really good at movies. :D

WACmen was hilarious and looks very professional. :)
But the girl showing the pictures to Rorschach didn't seem very good at acting...

Please tell me Alex Insel didn't win the What's Your WAC competition. I watched his and it was hard to listen to him ^_^

Yep...he did.

Actually, Mary is a fantastic actor, but she said she'd help out any time we needed her, so we woke her up at 2:30 am :p Plus, we didn't get to develop her character personality as much as we had hoped - damn time cramps. She's great at comedy. Thanks! :)

gotta ask
in that main image
is that a cowbell in your hand?

It sure is. Check out the full version.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums /v432/MysticShinHanKu/coreycowbel l.jpg


Well, MysticShinHanKu------> aka Meestah Holland------>
I thought WACmen was FABulouso, Man. Good Job, really.
I mean, Nite Owl's ringtone, was high-freakin'-larious.
"Can we talk somewhere else?"
*a wide grin creeps BACK on my face*

"What? Murder? Me? Pizza? What did you say? Oh. . ."
"Maestro. . . retribution, please! Nah, deck ONE!"

Rorschach and his tests were magnificently funny.
*thinks back on the ageless humor of a well placed kok 'n' bawlz joke*

The note sequence had me rolling on the floor as well. Especially when he looked at his fly to check and see if it WAS down, and B-L-A-M-M-O! Heh heh heh

Then to top it ALL off, a pillowfight?!?!?! C'mon already! That's good, good stuff.

...........Take care, be good and don't worry, you ACED this 24-hour filming.period

Hey, thanks, man! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. Feel free to subscribe! /whore haha

Yeah, everyone's favorite part is the pillow fight - everything is fun when Ace of Base is playing!!