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Newgrounds team! ASSEMBLE! I need your help!

Posted by MysticShinHanKu - March 9th, 2009

I need help!! I'm entering a huge video competition and the grand prize is $8000 worth of equipment! Winning this will give me the ability to do freelance video work, something I'd love to do, and I'd even be able to get started setting up a home studio. I can finally start making all the animations I have written and planned as well! It's a chance of a lifetime! I need your help!

PLEASE Sign into youtube, watch my video, and give it a 5 star rating right underneath the video. That's all I need! All the ratings will help me win! Thank you so much! I'm in close second - and if you look at what I'm up against I hope you feel inspired to help me! It's all a big popularity contest because of how they did it, so I need the support of newgrounds to win! Thank you all - you are the best!

Click here and VOTE!

Comments (15)

You have my daily vote!

voted 5

Thanks, guys. Tell your friends. I need lots of help.

you got my 5 and i voted everyone else a big fat zero! Now go vote my cartoon 5! haha

Anything for a fellow voice actor! Thanks, my friend.


I vote 5 every day :)

And I think you're gonna win,not only because you have the most support but because your video IS the best. I checked some other videos out and they don't even reach your knees.

I gave a 5 to you, 0 to some competitors. I need help on my audio submissions, you're a level 23, hmmm... ;)

You gots it, fellow whore.

Promoted by Tom twice! That's just freaking professional. :D

Gave ya a five, good luck man you deserve it :]

Thanks a lot brother :)

5'd yours, 0'd everyone elses!

Awesome video. I started voting 5 on your video daily. And only two days are left. I hope you win this!

You are awesome man...oh, and don't worry, if the NG army assembles for a noble cause, nobody will resist its might!

I sure hope so, my friend. I love this community more than ever now. Thank you all so much. I hope this army has a victory, but even if I don't win, the NG army will leave the place in shambles! haha

Lol, the last time the NG community was so active about a thing outside NG is when...uhm..errr...well, never!

i tried voting,but it said voting,but it said voting was enabled.
Is the competition thing over?